Workshops and Classes

Bronze PourThe Guild of Metalsmiths offers various workshops and classes throughout the year.  Please check the latest issue of the Forum, the Web Forum Events section and the Calendar section of our website to see which workshops and classes are currently open for enrollment.

Classes are offered in such areas as basic blacksmithing, intermediate blacksmithing, foundry arts, forge welding, forge building, hammer making, making struck tools, making tongs, knife making, mokume, leaf making, making a steel rose, and more. Our Education Committee is both excellent and busy!

Most classes, especially the beginning blacksmith classes, fill quickly, so be sure to register soon after the announcement of classes you are interested in. Classes are open to all, but workshop registration preference is given to Guild members in good standing. Otherwise, registration is first come, first served. Currently all registrations are accepted by check via mail only. For all but the beginner’s class, students are expected to have completed our beginner’s class or have equivalent blacksmithing experience from classes given elsewhere.

Beginning Blacksmithing Classes

jpg image-beginning blacksmithing B class

Participants in the 2016 “B” Beginning Blacksmithing class (left to right) Duncan Wenzel, Raymond Wenzel, Andrew Hogetvedt, Logan Towle, Rick Marnholtz, Anthony Davis. Not pictured:: Jos & Jim Jaworski, James Goodall

Registration for 2016-2017 beginning blacksmithing classes is closed, as all classes are full. All waiting lists are full.

Click below for details on the classes:
Beginning blacksmithing classes

Please be aware that classes fill up fast and that you must be a Guild member to register. Non-members will need to join at the time of class registration.

jpg image-beginning blacksmithing c class

These students attended basic class on Feb. 6, Feb. 20, March 5, and March 19.
Left to right: Julia Froemke, Sidney Froemke, Joe Hamel, Scot Stephenson, Jeff Perrella, Nicholas Davies, and Ben Smith
Instructors: (back row) Larry Sorenson, camera shy Don Hammer, Herb Fick, Derrick Phillips; (kneeling) Bob Brown; (end) Tom Gervais; (not pictured) Larry Wasmund, Rob Murray, Stephen Olivo.

Due to the demand for a comprehensive approach to learning basic blacksmithing  skills, we offer four sets of entry level classes each year.  Each class meets 4 Saturdays, 8 hrs each day.  Curriculum is identical for each class set, but the teams of volunteer instructors rotate. We strive to maintain a ratio of 1 instructor for every two students. These classes start in October, January and February of each year. We use parts of the ABANA Controlled Hand Forging curriculum, the whole of which can be seen and downloaded here:

ABANA Controlled Hand Forging

We look forward to seeing you in class!

For more information on classes contact Gordon Barr