Guild of Metalsmiths' Gallery: Works by Tom Latané

Tom Latané has been a member of the Guild for many years and is one of the finest smiths in the country.
He has demonstrated at ABANA conferences in Alfred, NY, Asheville, NC, LaCrosse, WI and Richmond, KY

Tom and his wife "Kitty" operate T&C Latané in Pepin, Wisconsin.
Tom in his smithy.

Latanes' shop at 412 2nd St. in Pepin.

Blacksmith Shop behind retail shop.


Hearts - Chest

- Carousel with faces 2006


Lock - another lock

- Antique Lock and new key in Ward box 2005

- Antique Lock's new key 2005

- Lock 2004 - Small Box with lock 2005

- Stock Lock 2003 - Tom's lock for door project by Bob Walsh

- Skimmers 2004 - Viking style inlaid axe 2003


icons as door handles (9" tall)

- detail of Neptune Gate at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee (photo by George Lottermoser)

- Doorknocker 2005 - Scandinavian style door 2004

- chandelier 2002
Tom Latané or visit his website
412 Second Street
PO Box 62 Pepin, WI 54759 USA

Phone: 715-442-2419

Tom is a consumate craftsman, his knowledge of ironwork is such that if an object was traditionally made he should be able to make one.

Tom doesn't manufacture any stock items. Each order is forged individually using a charcoal fire and employing traditional hand techniques. Commissioning a work from Tom is more like making a discovery in an antique shop, except you can tell him exactly what you would like to discover, or you can let him design something for you using elements of a chosen period or ethnic tradition.

Tom can quote your custom traditional iron project, from drawings or photos of antiques.