Guild of Metalsmiths' Gallery: Works by Marcia McEachron

Marcia is a longstanding member of the Guild of Metalsmiths and has been the editor of "Metalsmith" our newsletter for many years. She is pictured below with one of her latest commissions, a piece for John Deere Co. which she describes below.


Bench Chairs Table and chair
Chair built with Paul Hubler stork heads John Deere chairs


Scotty dog bird
Marcia McEachron

horseMarcia McEachron graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in drawing and painting.

"I had a desire to work 3 dimensionally and when I visited a blacksmith shop in 1978, I was sold on the fluid nature of metal". "I traded my skills in drawing to learn skills in metal. It was exciting times! Today, my interests include contemporary sculpture and sculptural furniture. My Metalworking studio, Hot Iron Forge is located in Minneapolis. I have just completed a 36 foot long hammered steel mural called "Riverlands" which incorporates the found object (farm implements) with hammered metal for the John Deere Commons in Moline, Illinois. The found object has played a lively role in my work since the early days. In New York Mills, MN the Cenex Co. sponsored a 40 ft. gateway that I designed and created solely with farm tools and agricultural machinery parts. I love working with metal. I love interpreting human experience in to the medium of metal. Each skill one acquires allows the imagination to grow."

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