Member Gallery

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The Guild of Metalsmiths has many talented members.  This gallery is but a small sample of some of their works. If you have questions about these works or would like to contact one of the Guild members represented here, please use the “contact the Guild” form available through our home page. You may click on any image to expand it.

There are actually two galleries accessible via the Guild’s website.  One is on the main website pages. You are currently looking at it.  It is maintained by the webmaster. There is also a more free-form gallery within the Guild’s web forum maintained by the members themselves.  To visit the web forum gallery go to: Guild of Metalsmiths web forum gallery

If you are a Guild member and would like your work to be added to the main website Member Gallery, please contact the webmaster. If you are  registered on our web forum and would like to set up a personal gallery within the web forum, all registered web forum members may do so at any time.