Existing Members

Members having a login for NeonCRM, our new Membership Database, can login with your account here: NeonCRM

(Note: Email invitations to create your account in Neon are being sent to all members during the month of December.)

Existing members are encouraged to renew your membership/pay your dues with your Neon account, using PayPal.  Much less work for everyone!

New Members

The annual membership dues are $30.00. All memberships are family memberships. Men, women, persons of all ages, professionals and hobbyists are all invited to join The Guild of Metalsmiths. Welcome!

Benefits of membership in The Guild of Metalsmiths

  1. Six informative membership meetings a year, including demonstrations and tours arranged by our program committee.
  2. First priority to sign up for the 12 to 30 skill building workshops held throughout the year!
  3. Our monthly newsletter called “The Forum”, contains meeting minutes, scheduled workshop announcements and letters from members.
  4. Our quarterly magazine called “The Metalsmith”  containing informative articles on metalworking techniques, resources, members want ads, and much more.
  5. “Members Only” access to “The Bellows” email reflector. With over 375 subscribed Guild members on this email reflector,  our members have quick access to a large body of metalworking knowledge. Have a question? Need help? Ask our members via “The Bellows” email reflector.
  6. Full access to our online web forum, including the “Members Only” section that includes access to decades worth of fully indexed historical back issues of The Metalsmith.
  7. The ability to purchase blacksmith coal at $7.00 per five gallon bucket from the Guilds’ coal supply pile. This is a very good price for blacksmithing coal and is a local supply located in the NW Twin Cities.
  8. A chance to meet interesting and varied people with a common interest in metalworking!
  9. An opportunity to show your work at the Annual Fall Conference Gallery.
  10. An opportunity to display several pieces in the Gallery section of this Web Site.
  11. The annual August corn feed. What a gathering!
  12. The annual December Christmas/Holiday party. A great get together of our metalworking family.

Joining The Guild of Metalsmiths

You may join The Guild of Metalsmiths by clicking on the PayPal “Buy Now” button at the bottom of the page.  Membership dues are $30 per year. 

If you prefer, you may also join by sending your name, address and a $30 check for your dues to the following address:
Guild of Metalsmiths         Print out a form
P.O. Box 11423
St Paul, MN 55111

Please include your preferred telephone number and an email address in your application.

If you do not wish to have your name published, in the members directory, please indicate this in your application. We do not sell our mailing list.

Give a gift of Membership

Giving membership as a gift – If you wish to give Guild membership as a gift, use the PayPal “Buy Now” button with your own (buyer’s) contact information and credit card information, but also leave us the contact information (name, address, email address, phone #) for the actual member in the “notes to seller” box and explaining this is a gift. You may also want to follow up with an email to our membership team at to verify the new member’s status.

Welcome to The Guild of Metalsmiths!

Using the PayPal “Buy Now” button is convenient. You may use the PayPal “Buy Now” button to join for the first time, give membership as a gift or renew your membership (although existing members are encouraged to use Neon to renew their memberships, see top of page). After you click on “Buy Now” you will be able to enter your (the buyer’s) contact information and you will automatically be added to our membership roster. New members will be contacted via email by our membership coordinator, however this may take up to a few weeks (we are all volunteers and donate time as we can). After you “Buy Now” you may want to sign up on the Guild’s web forum and gain access to the “members only” sections (such as archived copies of The Bellows Magazine). You may also want to request to be part of our “Bellows” email reflector (see the “Publications” page of the website for more detail on how to do this). You will automatically start receiving the next Metalsmith quarterly magazine to your membership address.