bronze casting

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bronze casting

Unread post by ardenhanson » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:52 pm

I have had 1 class with Marty Hicks and since then I've been attending the "school of hard knocks". My wife likes buying me books on casting, mold making, patinas etc.'s like some doctor taking out your appendix after reading a book. Hrmmm, maybe not! Anyway for anybody who doesn't know I live in CA in the winter and will be back in MN come spring. I now have everything necessary to pour bronze and have some successes. Most all my equipment is homemade and inexpensive. Marty is a great place to get started. What I have is called a back yard foundry. I've been pouring about once a week and now have some people asking me to cast some of their art. I'll get some pics soon. To the lady asking about patinas, that is an art in and of itself. There of lots of good books out there but almost all would have you start with a fresh finish. Arden

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Re: bronze casting

Unread post by Marty.Hicks » Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:05 am

Hi Arden, we're casting bronze again early May. Hope to see you there. I'm getting a head start working on new patterns. Season Greetings, Marty

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