Pair of candle holders

We all started somewhere. If you are brave enough, post a photo of your "first" metalworks. The first tongs you made, your first knife, the first forge you built, etc.
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Pair of candle holders

Unread post by Darryl Ponder » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:19 pm

Here are a pair of candle holders I made just after taking up blacksmithing. The designs are from the website. The little one was a bear to get to sit level. I had to use a torch to heat it up and bend it in small increments until it sat reasonably level.

The larger holder is three pieces of round stock welded together and then twisted. A drip pan is brazed on top. The smaller is a piece of black water pipe, formed into a cup and filial and wound about with round stock, with a decorative leaf motif formed on one end and handle on the other.
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Candle holders. Made from plans.
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