Chimneys and Fire Code

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Chimneys and Fire Code

Unread post by tjdaggett » Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:57 pm

Good afternoon! I'm new here; should be posting in the Introduction section shortly. I may have met some of you on the first Zoom guild meeting. I was the guy proudly showing off a piece of rebar that bore a passing resemblance to a fire poker. You've got to start somewhere.

I am specifically worried about fire code, my chimney, and insurance inspectors. I saw another post in this section that mainly dealt with smoke and noise; I'm comfortable on both of those points. I have good relationships with all of my neighbors and will be burning charcoal. But a friend on IForgeIron who works in ventilation started talking about fire code, and a fireplace retailer that I was hoping to source black stovepipe through got talking about roving inspectors, and now I'm worried about fines and insurance and what have you.

I figured that if anyone knew whether that would be a real risk in the Cities, it would be you all. Any thoughts?

Short setup rundown: wood shed, shingle roof, dirt floor, planning to use single-walled black stovepipe 12" diameter with stainless steel chimney flashing around the base. Haven't nailed down supports yet, but they'll be there and they'll be non-flammable.

Thank you all in advance. Can't wait to get this thing up and running.

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