World's largest counterblow hammer

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World's largest counterblow hammer

Unread post by Darryl Ponder » Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:49 am

Seems that the world's largest counter blow hammer is located in Cudahy, Wisconsin! Built by Ladish, now owned by ATI, the "#85" is still the world's largest counter blow hammer. Couldn't find any modern videos of the hammer in action, but here is video from an old news reel showing the forging of missile parts and it shows the #85 in action.

Very interesting to me that, even today, the building of modern rockets involves blacksmithing.

The #85 hammer was refurbished in 2007. The upper and lower rams each weigh about 160 tons and these rams were supplied by Sheffield Forgemasters in the UK.

Video is here. See the #85 hammer in action starting at the 7:40 mark:

[BBvideo 560,340] ... EHmE#t=510[/BBvideo]

Maybe we can set up a Guild field trip some time!

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