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Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:19 pm
by strgraw
Hello everyone,

Fellow guild member here.

Currently I'm just a hobbyist with a shop out in Albertville, my full time gig is in web development, and I have been working on creating a online blacksmithing community (forums/other features) for blacksmiths world wide.

I was hoping I could reach out to some of my fellow guild members here to hop on the board and take a peak around, give feedback, etc. I haven't really went completely public with the forum because I would like to test it with smaller groups first, fixing any bugs found on the site, and also.. To generally just provide some posts, so it doesn't look so barren :)

A question you may have is, why make yet another forum? Well, I wanted to have a site that is easily used on all devices (phone, tablet, desktop, what have you), more internationally community owned and driven, as well as accepting and even inviting of all skill levels, questions, and posts. All images and content provided by a user is owned by that user.

I also plan to build in some features that help link blacksmiths to classes and local blacksmithing groups more easily. Having a background in development allows me to build custom features that would benefit the community :)

The site is appropriately located at:

Thanks for your time and reading. Hoping to see some of my fellow guild members poking around on that site, I would greatly appreciate it!