The Pioneer Power Swap Meeet Report

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The Pioneer Power Swap Meeet Report

Unread post by Martin Pansch » Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:08 pm

We went to the Pioneer Power swap meet on Friday morning and had a good time. The weather, while not the sunny respite Accuweather promised was still fine and much better than the last few years and made for a fine day of walking, shopping, dodging golf carts, and people watch.

The most amusing interaction we witnessed was a negotiation we saw shortly after getting there. A lady tried to take an aggressive negotiation position and was shut down:

Pushy Lady: Hey! Who's stuff is this? <Yelled loud enough for everyone within 40' to hear.>
Booth Lady: I'm here <rushes over>.
PL: How am I supposed to help you get rid of your stuff if you aren't here? How much for this?
BL: I don't know. <Turns to husband who must be the purveyor of the junk>. How much for this?
Booth Man: $12
PL: $12? It isn't worth that! It doesn't even have a handle! <Still loud enough for everyone to hear.>
BM: Well, go to Walmart.
<End Scene>

As far as the stuff at the show there was a lot of it. There were a number of anvils, including some pretty ones, all at eBay prices as expected. A nice looking swage block at $500. A cone mandrel for $1550 (?!?!). A surprise was the prices marked on leg vises. The first one I saw upon getting there was a nice looking 6-incher when I got up to it I saw a price tag marked $340! Craziness! Even worse, when I wandered back around later it was gone so someone either paid that or talked them way down to reach a decent price. A bunch of others were way overpriced too. I think I only saw one that was in good shape and a decent price (about a 4 1/2" for $45). I heard of a Champion 400 with a small crack on the case for $100 but it was gone by the time I was around.

There were some okay tongs around, some hardy tools, some rough looking rivet forges, bunch of little stuff. I ended up coming away with a little 1lb cross peen, a broken crowbar (struck tool material), a 10lb sledge hammer head, 4 ball peens destined to be adzes, a new brass brush, and some jam and jelly. My big find for the show was some more squirrel cage fans for Poor Man's forges. How many?
Truck load of fans 22April2016.JPG
Truck load of fans 22April2016.JPG (138.92 KiB) Viewed 2302 times
Enough to run the class a few more times I hope. I got the guy's contact info too and he has a bunch more.

I also found what I thought was destined to be my next ride. However, my better 7/8th vetoed the idea.
Weiner mobile.JPG
Weiner mobile.JPG (114.87 KiB) Viewed 2302 times
As far as Guild folks go we saw Jim Ericksen while there and I almost (literally) ran in Dan Osadchuk and Nick Heinen as they were hauling the wood parts of a large, double chambered bellows out to their vehicle.

Overall the show was fun but it might have lost a little bit on what it was a few years ago as far as being able to find useful tools for a decent price. Or maybe I am just becoming cheaper in my old age. I'll probably go again next year though it is loosing a little of its legendary status to my mind.

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