Abana Board Member Postcard

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Abana Board Member Postcard

Unread post by gracesheely » Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:14 pm

For Guild of Metalsmith members that also have a current ABANA membership, I recently received the postcard for ABANA Board Voting within their publication mailing. I know last year they had a difficult time getting enough responses and had to do a second mailing to reach a quorum. I would like to remind others to look for and to mail in their postcards simply to help a difficult and potentially expensive process for ABANA. There are prizes for participation if postmarked by 8/15/17.

I would also welcome a discussion here of the candidates. I am voting for Linda Tanner simply because I feel compelled to support the current female treasurer....haha, my job on a bigger scale. Here is a link to all the candidate's bios from the ABANA web page:


Please email me privately or post publicly, your own suggestions on who is deserving to be on the Board. 5 of 8 will be on the Board.

Thanks always,

Grace Sheely
GOM Treasurer

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