Power hammer or grinder build

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Power hammer or grinder build

Unread post by Martin Pansch » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:18 pm


For those of you who may not be on the Bellows I am doing a little Guild market research. Namely I want to find out the general interest level of having either a power hammer building workshop or a belt grinder workshop.

The model of the power hammer hasn't been decided on yet but if you have a preference for either a mechanical of pneumatic hammer please indicate that as well.

The belt grinder will likely be a 2x72" grinder and probably be based on a simplified design Gordon Barr devised.

For rough order of magnitude of the expected costs: Last time we did a power hammer build we made Ray Clontz style tire hammers and they were priced out at $1250 for buying all the components new. We did get off substantially cheaper due to the awesome scrounging power of our members.

Last time we built 2x72" belt grinders they ran $650 each. Knowing Gordon's magic of simplicity that price might go down a little.

So, either post here or email me (blacksmithingyeti@gmail.com) if you would be interested. If you have any questions ask them here as other folks might be wondering similar but are to afraid to ask.

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