How to resize photos to work with the web forum - w/video

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How to resize photos to work with the web forum - w/video

Unread post by Darryl Ponder » Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:21 am

9/23/13 Note - I used to call our web forum "The Bellows". Since we already had an email reflector that uses that name, there was a bunch of confusion amongst members. I now call the Guild's web forum simply - "the web forum" -. This "how to" video still uses the older name. - Webmaster

A problem with posting images to most forums, including our web forum, is that it can only accept file sizes that are rather small, compared to the huge detailed files that modern digital cameras can output. For example, our web forum only accepts images of 256 kilobits (256,000 bits) or smaller, but a newer digital camera can spit out an image file of 12 or 24 megabits (24,000,000 bits) or more per image.

Thus your photos and images have to be resized from the original size and a copy made, smaller, that is uploaded to the web forum.

I use Windows platforms and here is what I use:

When downloaded and installed, what this program does is give Windows another command "resize pictures" that appears in the list when you right click on a photo or image. A box pops up that asks what size you want, I pick "medium" and it resizes the image by making a copy with the original title with the text (medium) appended to it.

Before I post photos to the web forum I find the photos I am going to upload and resize them and place the resized images in a location easy to get to on the computer. Then when in the web forum where I want to "add the file" I know where the resized files are and it is an easy click to open and upload.

Here are some more instructions on other ways to resize images: ... a-or-xp-2/ ... sing-paint ... n-the-fly/

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