Hands free Leg Vise

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Martin Pansch
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Hands free Leg Vise

Unread post by Martin Pansch » Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:45 pm

Tom Sanders sent me this photo of a leg vise he found on eBay. It appears to have an old, aftermarket but well-made modification making it a hands free. Tom hasn't got his hands on it yet to know how well it actually works. He is thinking once he gets his hands on it it might make a nice Metalsmith article.

Anyone seen anything like this before?
Tom's Hand's Free vice.JPG
Tom's Hands Free Vise
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Re: Hands free Leg Vise

Unread post by Ashurbanapol » Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:28 pm

While I haven't seen this set up ever, I HAVE seen antique foot operated vises used for rasping and working on horseshoes, and I suspect this may have been the reason for this set up. The vise my ex business partner had that was for horseshoe work also had special dies that went in parts of the setup for welding and shaping various calks onto the shoe. Unfortunately it's been 20 years since I dealt with it and I've forgotten details. I used it to hold work I ws grinding on with an angle grinder and it worked fine.. For some work it wouldn't hold as tight as a regular post vise with a good, well greased screw, but it worked fine for what we were using it for.. As a former horse shoer I used an anvil stand that had a vise for holding the shoe when it was being rasped that was spring loaded. We made the vises out of old farriers rasps to get a good grip. I didn't have to make my own, as my friend, Bob Lukacevic had his apprentice make it for me so we could play together in the forge. That was back around 1972 in Richfield, Ohio . I used the anvil stand when demonstrating until I moved to Arkansas in 1989. Bob Patrick

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