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The Order of the Extracted Tap

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:30 pm
by Martin Pansch
For those who weren't at the Christmas party last Sunday Asa Pearson (in absentia) was awarded the first ever Order of the Extracted Tap for her efforts to pull The Guild's bacon out of the fire in with our quarterly publication. The medallion is silicon bronze. Honestly not a lot of repousse on it, mostly sinking it into a 2" hole I drilled into a 2x4. I had planned on more repousse decoration but ran out of time. The broken but extracted tap, complete with the washers welded to it, were from the guillotine tool build years ago at Marty Hick's place. I have been saving it since then with just such an use in mind.

Ended up making a chain of S-hook links from 12 gauge copper wire. All the more decorative chains I saw would have taken more time then I had.

Hopefully it is the thought that counts.
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