End table

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End table

Unread post by Larry52 » Fri May 01, 2020 5:36 pm

Just after I took the basic blacksmiths class, I made a drawing of this end table. Of course it took much longer (about 10 years) to actually make it. I started by cutting all the steel to length, a big mistake I found out later. Hand forging the hex stock pinions was as real learning process. After multiple tries and several attempts with different ways, I figured out how to make them. I made and used a butcher to define the ends and then used the Little giant to bring them down to size. Of course in the process I had to readjust the dies to make them square. I ended up cutting off the ends as they really increased in length as the diameter reduced, another learning lesson.

The second problem area was making the bottom stretcher for the magazine rack. After punching and drifting the holes I put the pinions on the ends. Since I wasn't watching the overall length the stretcher was longer then the top rails by about 3/8 inch. The solution was to stretch the top rail by adding in the fullers. Make the top better looking so I added fullers to the legs also.

After several dry fits I riveted it all together using a torch for heating. Had to make rivet sets in the process.

The top is made of cedar decking material and I rubbed butcher block oil over the wood and metal for a final look.
End Table 4.JPG
End table
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End table
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Re: End table

Unread post by ZachC » Tue May 12, 2020 8:12 am

That's beautiful!

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