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Poz tongs

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:01 pm
by Darryl Ponder
Here's a photo of some Poz style tongs (and a pair of pick up tongs) that I have made over the past several years. I am indebted to Monty Bygd in Wisconsin for teaching me how to make these tongs. As a result of his instruction, the Guild of Metalsmiths has been holding a Poz tongs class annually for the past several years, typically in the December/January time frame. If you are interested in taking the class, make sure to read the October or November issue of the Forum when it comes out. Sign up early as the class is always full.

This design is a bit special in that these tongs are designed to hold square, flat and round stock, all with the same pair of tongs. The design is attributed to Richard Pozniak, a smith in Chicago, Illinois.