Anvils ho!

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Anvils ho!

Unread post by Martin Pansch » Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:26 pm


Do you like anvils, don't answer I know you do. Do you like auctions? Do you like 6 hour drives across the prairie for the thrill of the hunt? If so do I have the auction for you! October 11 in Devil's Lake, North Dakota! ... 10436.html

There are supposedly 70 anvils up for auction here. The bank officer who contacted me sent along a few photos as well. Nothing particularly special of the 16 pictured. I could make out the markings of 2 Vulcans and an ACME. Body shape of a few more suggest a few Peter Wright and some Trentons. Others are unknown. Most look in the 130lb or so range. From the light coat of rust they have been outside for a while. They all look like fair user anvils though there are chipped edges here and there. I'll see if I can attach the word document with the photos here. It is big so might not work without tweaking.

The location (i.e. middle of no where) and the number of anvils (market saturation) might allow you a deal but the make sure you add the 800 miles worth of gas to your calculus ($70 in a Corolla in case you were wondering).

If anyone is also in the Central Minnesota Blacksmiths or the Northern Minnesota Metalsmiths you may want to pass this on to their membership as they are a little closer.

If anyone ends up going let us know how it went.

Take care.
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