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Anvil for sale

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:49 pm
by ZachC
Hello Guild,

I was just down to see a guy in New Prague and picked up a couple post vices from him that are in decent enough condition. He also has an anvil for sale. It is a Trenton that was re-stamped as ACME. The face is in good condition but both of the edges had about an inch to inch and a half that had damage. The hardy and pritchel holes were in pretty good condition as well. The horn had some damage but was overall usable.

He said he thought it was 90# but there was a W 80 stamped on the foot (on the horn side). He is asking $450 (and sounded pretty firm on that).

If you want to contact him his name is Tom and his number is (952) 200-7766.

He also had a massive hardy tool anvil. It looked to fit into about a 2"x2" hardy hole. He wanted $200 for that.

I will get some pictures uploaded by tonight of the anvil.