Ric Furrer's Wootz class at the Tunnel Mill 23-25 August

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Ric Furrer's Wootz class at the Tunnel Mill 23-25 August

Unread post by Martin Pansch » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:17 pm

This was posted under "General Events" but it was suggested that I post it under the bladesmithing section to catch some of you people who are focuses on sharp pointy things.


I am posting this on behalf of John and Carol Adams, the owners and operators of The Tunnel Mill in Spring Valley, MN. I am not affiliated with them or benefit in any way from this except in that they will continue to host kick butt classes that I can attend.

Ric Furrer is doing a Wootz crucible steel workshop at Tunnel Mill on August 23, 24 & 25th.
Cost is $200.00 for the 3-day gathering or $75.00 individual days.
Check out a full description on our website. www.tunnelmillcrafts.com

Call for registration..507-289-4189

For those or you that don't know, wootz is the original "damascus steel." It offers gorgeous patterns and unequal cutting properties. I am told it is all in the carbides.

Ric Furrer was on a NOVA special on Viking swords. The special just gave a taste of his wootz process. This class promises to be a feast. I understand that this is more of a demo than a hands on class but still. If you like the historical side of smithing, have aspirations to be a grand poo-bah bladesmith, or like plumbing the depths of the possibilities of metallurgy you should seriously consider going. If I didn't have to play soldier this weekend you can be sure I would be there.

The Mill itself is a great place to go for a class. Set near a stream and in a cell phone dead zone it offers a sanctuary from modern life where you can really focus on the craft. The food and hospitality is great as well.

If you go have a good time and take good notes so I can borrow them. ;)

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