More kitchen tools in the shop

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More kitchen tools in the shop

Unread post by bbrown » Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:29 pm

Just finished reading the latest Metalsmith cover to cover.
Want to contribute this addition to Martin's article.

Old "jelly pans" (the cooking sheets with the 1/2" sides) make great flux recovery pans.
I have several smaller size 10"x15" that I found at Goodwill.
Put your flux container in the pan, on or near the forge. After makeing a mess sprinkling flux on your forge welds you can gather up the spilled flux to reuse.

The pans also work well for trying to find that certain size machine screw or odd little part that is kept with all the other odd little parts you can't throw out stored in that bread pan.
Pour out the storage container onto the jelly pan, and pour back in when done sorting.

Used pans have a nice patina!


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