How to make a post to the Guild's web forum - w/video

Look here to see how to make a post, upload photos, videos, etc.
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How to make a post to the Guild's web forum - w/video

Unread post by Darryl Ponder » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:13 am

9/23/13 Note - I used to call our web forum "The Bellows". Since we already had an email reflector that uses that name there was a bunch of confusion amongst members. I now call the web forum simply "the web forum". This "how to" video still uses the older name. - Webmaster

Here is how you make a new post to the web forum:

- Starting at the Board Index (or top page) of the web forum, navigate to the category you would like to post in. For instance, go to Blacksmithing, Projects photos and descriptions, Show and Tell.
- Push the "New Topic" button. This action will open up an area to write your new post in.
- Type in a "Subject" headline for your new topic.
- Type in the text of the main body of your new post.
- Using the various icons above the main text body, you can add images, internet address links, video, gallery images and a whole bunch more to your text area. This is not required and is a bit more complex. Feel free to play around with it. You can't break anything.
- below the main text area is an area that on the left says "filename" and to the right of that "browse". You may use the browse button to find a file on your computer. By clicking "add the file" right below the "browse" button, you will upload this file (an image, a pdf file, a spreadsheet, a scanned image of project plans, etc.) to your post for others to download.

When your post is how you like it, hit the "Submit" button and your post will be uploaded to the Bellows. At this point people can see it.

If after posting you need to make further changes, bring up your post and you will see an "edit" button lower right. Clicking this will allow you to fully edit the post to your liking.

Again, feel free to try a couple of test posts. You can't break anything. You can always try putting together a post and then hitting "cancel" at the end so nothing happens.

Contact me if you have questions.

[BBvideo 560,340][/BBvideo]

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