possible job opportunity!

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possible job opportunity!

Unread post by Anvildancer » Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:31 am

Hi all! Just got a message from a good friend regarding a job opportunity. I will paste the message in its entirety and if interested just follow her lead.

This is an opportunity to work with likely the premier jewelers in town and in the US, George Sawyer. He started the Mokume process and has taken it to the max. I have met him he is a great guy, and very successful. I would love this position myself, but I am not ready for the physical part of it yet...

Best of luck! Mega jealous of whoever lands this position


Hello, David! Hope all is well in your world. I have been working at George Sawyer Design since August and I love it! I have been helping George develop a new earring line, and the orders on the first prototypes are starting to come in. It is also the start of Bridal Season, so our ring maker is going to be very busy, as well. The goldsmith who has been making our billets for the past 12 years left in December and is not likely to be able to come back. We are looking for a Smith who would be willing and able to learn George's method of billet making for mokume gane! (I, of course, want to do it but I need to make earrings!). It is physically demanding, although we are hopefully going to be making an automated hammer to ease the stress on the smith's body. If you know of any skilled students or smiths that might be interested in shifting over to the non-ferrous world, we would love to talk with them. The sooner we get someone, the better! They can contact our Production Manager, Mona at: production@georgesawyer.com Hope to see you again soon! I still want to take the next class, but things have been crazy busy. Someday..... Take care! --Julie

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Re: possible job opportunity!

Unread post by Naomi » Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:28 pm


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