Web forum features - Digests & chat room for members only

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Web forum features - Digests & chat room for members only

Unread post by Darryl Ponder » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:04 am

A couple of features have been added to the web forum. The ability to get a daily (or hourly, weekly, monthly, etc.) digest of postings on the web forum sent to your email address has been added. An instant messaging (chat) feature has also been added. A gallery feature is being worked on (UPDATE - the gallery feature is now on line working, see instructions in this forum on how to use it).

For the digest, while logged in go into your user panel (upper right of the page) and then on the left of the window that comes up, go toward the bottom of the list and click on "Digests". Set up the options as you like. Options are set on an individual account basis, so you can ask to have a summary Digest sent to your email address with a recap of postings. You may select what topics to summarize (up to the whole web forum), when the digest is to be sent, how often you want a summary sent and what type of information you want to see the digest, e.g. do you want the newly posted photos and videos to show up in the digest or just get a text summary of subject lines, etc..

UPDATE - You may need to go into your User Control Panel and, on the left side, go into mChat and enable the chat feature for your account before you even see this feature is available for your use..

Concerning the chat room feature, once activated by you in your user control panel, the text box is located at the bottom of the web forum front page (called the Board index). The text/chat area has a label that says miniChat. Just type any word in the text box such as "hello", hit the enter key on your keyboard and you should be automatically logged into the chat box area for that session. You can then chat with anyone else logged into the chat room at that time. This is a feature I may take back down, but want to test it anyway. It may prove useful to help new members of the web forum with any issues they may be having.

If there are other features you want to see or ideas you want to explore, please let me know. I am concerned about the issue of balance of features versus simplicity of use and am always looking for feedback, both positive and negative.



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