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The Guild of Metalsmiths

A Chapter of ABANA

A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Art of Metalworking

P.O. Box 11423
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55111

The Guild of Metalsmiths

Our Quarterly Publication

Ok, here is most of the Dec 96 - 20th anniversary issue as compiled by Corky.

List of Current issues on line, in whole or part

An index of the educational articles that have been published with links to those that are on line.


Original articles for publication in the quarterly, Metalsmith, are always appreciated. While the primary interest of most members is blacksmithing, many members are interested in a variety of forms of metalworking. Therefore, we encourage all persons, members and non-members to submit original articles on all subjects related to metal working. Articles should be sent to:

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The Guild of Metalsmiths, participates in an article exchange program with other members of Nonprofit educational metalworking organizations such as ABANA and her chapters. Articles may be used in other members not for profit publications but full credit for the article and it's source publication must be given.

This web page is a publication of the Guild of Metalsmiths and the electronic rendering of portions of "The Metalsmith" are posted subject to those rules. They may be used in nonprofit educational publications but full credit for authorship and original publication must be given.
If you would like to use images or articles for any other purpose, contact the authors.

The GoM Monthly discussion Forum

  The latest news and announcements.

A newsletter with meeting notes, announcements, workshop notices, meeting notices, letters to the organization, want ads, and occasionally short metalsmithing articles to fill it out. It is published each month to keep members aprized of what the organization is doing, what classes are being offered, meeting locations and times, etc. Copies are posted on line. Click here to see a list.

Blacksmithing Clip art

http://www.metalsmith.org/graphics/ is a repository of a some clipart and other images which may be used in your nonprofit publications. This archive is provided as a service to the metalworking community and is subject to the terms listed above unless the authors have listed other terms. (in which case the images will be in a seperate directory/folder and the terms will be listed in a text or html file in that directroy)


Several years ago a few of our members collaborated on writing and publishing a "how to book" on forging animal heads. The result of this effort is the book, Iron Menagerie, which explains how to forge fifteen different animal heads. A sample page (#5 the Duck Head) may be printed from your browser (That is why the image is sideways) The book shows a photograph and text for each and every step in forging an animal head. This book is unique in that it clearly shows every step inmaking an animal head that any person with a minimal amount of experience can easily follow. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to The Guild of Metalsmiths Education Fund.The book may be ordered for $17.95 plus shipping and handling from Norm Larson Books, 5426 Highway 246, Lompoc, CA 93436, telephone (805) 735-2095. larbooks@mail.impulse.net

Graphics excerpted from Iron Menagerie will be displayed on this web page in the near future

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Guild of Metalsmith's Video Library

The Guild Video Library now contains a large collection of DVDs, most of these have been filmed at GoM events or other local area events. Many of these DVDs are similar or even identical to the tapes in the existing tape library, but some are new to our library and are only available in DVD format (for now). The charge for renting these tapes is the same as for renting a tape - $3 per title. Currently there is no option for buying a copy of the DVD. When requesting these items, be sure to specify the item as Dxx instead of Txx to distinguish between tape and video. Entries in the Tape library will have a cross reference to the DVD (if it exists) following the tape number.

The full list is here (MS Word Document)

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The Guild of Metalsmiths

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