"Ring Roll"

by Art Miller, Riverside, California

Reprint from the NorthWest Blacksmith Association, Hot Iron News Summer 1996

In the need for a ring roller, I copied and scaled down a ring roll used at a local fabrication shop.  it is made from miscellaneous cutoff and was fabricated with a cutting torch, cuttoff saw, drill press, hand grinder and arch welder.

the fixed roller (tied to the crank) and crank assembly is removable from the base to allow installation and removal of wlded rings.

The 2.5 inch wide rollers are made from sch. 40 pipe (3.5" OD)with 1/4 plaate end caps. 5/8" bolts wer usede for axels. The fixed drive roll has a 3/4" diameter shaft whith the fixed roll pinde through this shaft and pipe roller with 5/16' dia rod 3.5" log. Braze the pin to the pipe roller OD.

TIP: The roller will not bend the ends of the material. the length of this straight section will depend on your roller spacing. Mine leaves a little less thatn 2" straight on each end. So I calculate the ring material length (C= pi x mean diameter) and add 4". Cut stock anf prick punch 2" from the end of the stocklay out ring length and prick punch at the other end of the material. Roll ring and cut off at punch marks.

Top assembly

base assembly

machine with ring being formed

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    Article and graphics edited for web viewing by Gene Olson.