The Education Committee is beginning to develop the 2012-2013 class schedule. For those of you that haven’t been on the committee, deciding what classes the Guild membership presents is not an exact science. We usually either resort to having classes we find interesting, or we consult a Magic 8 Ball.

To help us better serve you I would ask that if you have any requests for the subject of a class or workshop let me know. If there is a skill you want to learn or a tool you would like some guidance making, there are probably enough other folks interested in it to make it a class. I can’t guarantee we can make it happen, but we can’t even consider it if we don’t know what you want.

On the other hand, if there is a subject you feel passionate about and would like to teach a class on, please let me know that too. We can always use more instructors, especially ones that volunteer instead of being “voluntold.”

Finally, if any of you have the time and the desire to join the Education Committee, we can always use the help. You don’t need to be the greatest of smiths or even worry about teaching yourself. If you have a desire to serve the Guild we’ll find a job for you. We have some fun and there are certainly perks to the job.

The Education Committee is proud to consistently bring a robust, eclectic, and inexpensive selection of classes year after year. This is only possible due to the continued hard work of a small group of your fellow Guild members who plan, organize, and teach classes. As with any hard work, many hands make it easier. Please help when and where you can.

Martin Pansch