Two veteran Guild of Metalsmiths members received special awards at the annual meeting on Sunday, December 2, 2012. Tom Latane’ is the 2012 Juaire-Hubler Award recipient. Mary Fredell is the 2012 President’s Award recipient.

Photo-2012 Juaire-Hubler award

TGoM President Al Olson presents Tom Latane' with the 2012 Juaire-Hubler award

Photo-2012 President's award to Mary Fredell

TGoM President Al Olson presents 2012 President's award to Mary Fredell










In announcing these awards, TGoM President Al Olson summarized primary reasons for each person receiving their award. Of Tom, a TGoM member since the early 1980s, he said, “He’s a great smith, a great teacher, a great sharer of k nowledge, and he has written so many well-thought-out articles for The Metalsmith. Of Mary, a TGoM member since the early days of theĀ  Guild, he said, “As a family member Mary has selflessly contributed countless gifts for the good of the Guild and for metalsmithing in general. As the plaque says, ‘Not all great works are wrought in iron’.”

The Juaire-Hubler Award is TGoM’s traditional way of recognizing an individual who has consistently livedĀ  up to high standards and helped TGoM to grow by sharing and giving of himself. The President’s Award is occasionally given to a member who helps further the goals of TGoM with their outstanding support.