Blacksmith Classes

Registration for Beginners Blacksmithing Classes will resume in Fall 2021.

Previous classes were like this:

October 10, 24, and 31 in Ramsey (MN School of Horseshoeing)
The beginners’ basic classes are designed to give everyone the same understanding of the basics, techniques and terminology. The basic classes or proficiency thereof is required before taking any of the many other classes the Guild offers. This enables students taking those classes to concentrate on advanced techniques without having to spend time on basic concepts.

The 3-day class covers the basics of: Safety, Tools, Fire Control, Forging Dynamics, Tapers (ribbon, fishtail, point), Twisting, Riveting, Shouldering, Upset, Cutting, Splitting, Punching, Heat Treat, Scrolling, Bending, Forge Weld.

Cost: (covers everything you need, the facility, coal, metal tools and workbook)
$180 for members, $190 non members
Minors (under 18) must have a parent present. There will be no sharing of forges.

Dates and Location:
These classes are held on Saturdays (October 10, 24, and 31) at the Minnesota School of Horseshoeing, 6250 Riverdale Dr NW, Ramsey, MN 55303, just off Hwy 10 near the Anoka Vocational College.

What you need to bring:
Eye, ear and skin protection. This includes safety glasses, ear muff or plugs and suitable clothing which includes hard shoes, cotton or leather. Synthetic and polyester clothing will burn and melt. There will be sparks and brushes against hot metal. A mask (non-synthetic) is also required for classroom demonstrations.

Tools are provided, but if you have a favorite hammer, punches, chisels, and tools, bring them along. A small 1 to 2 pound ball peen hammer would work. We have various hammers for you to try and get a feel for what is comfortable.

Typical day:
Classes start at 9 a.m., but people usually show up much earlier to get the coffee brewing, have a donut, swap stories, or show off recent projects. Feel free to bring projects you are working on to show. We break for lunch. You can either bring a brown bag or go out to a local fast food restaurant. Classes end between 3 and 5.

Gordon Barr
11021 27th Ave
Burnsville, MN 55337

($180 for members, $190 non members)