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Be sure to mark your calendars now for the annual TGOM corn feed on Wednesday, August 10 beginning at 6:30 pm at the beautiful country home of Dan Pate. See map.  Herb Fick, champion, promises more of the delectable summer-time victuals to which members have become accustomed! 

 If you’re willing to help with setup for the evening’s activities, please give Herb a call at 507 663 0569 or email him at herb@phyque.com

 Herb will be directing the onsite roasting of a hog and chicken, and fresh sweet corn will complement that alwaysdeliciousentree. People should focus on appetizers, salads, and desserts for the remainder of the potluck. Myron Hanson will be presenting a

demonstration with his blacksmithing talents. Dan Pate will show blacksmiths something in light gage metal.  This has been a fun, family oriented, and well attended meeting for years now. Your attendance is what makes it work.



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