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Heavy Metal Workshop with Brian Brazeal

Pre-conference workshop
Dates: September 15th and 16th
Location: Little Log House Blacksmith Shop near Hastings, MN (map on page 3)
Workshop Title: Heavy Metal Workshop
Cost of Workshop: $250. Make checks out to The Guild Of Metalsmiths.

Mail check and registration to:
David Mariette
4020 160th Street East
Rosemount, MN, 55068.
Questions: see advertisement in July Forum newsletter

In this workshop students will pair off to form forging teams. Students will be making tools for forging. Time permitting and based on ability, students will make a hammer, hardies, hammer drift, and top tool. Students will be double striking, a learned skill in and of itself. This would be considered to be a class for the more advanced smith, but all will learn a tremendous amount regardless of their ability level.
There are openings for twenty smiths, or ten teams. This will be an intensive two days of instruction from one of the premier teachers in the country today, Brian Brazeal. He will have an assistant with him helping teach the class.
Brian Brazeal began discovering traditional blacksmithing as a farrier over 25 years ago. Brian gave up shoeing to practice traditional forging full time. Traveling the US and Europe, Brian was fortunate to have been exposed to smiths like Professor Alfred Habermann, his sons Alfred Jr., Josef ,and David, as well as Alfred’s daughter Christine. Brian also mentored with Tom Clark, Bob Patrick, Bill Bastas, Darrell Nelson, Terry Carson, and Tsur Sadan.
Brian now continues to share and promote the techniques of this lost craft in an effort to bring traditional blacksmithing back to the world by demonstrating and sharing his practical experience and forging expertise in clinics and workshops for all skill levels. Such techniques include the forge welded bundle, tools to make tools, collaring, and “forged to finish” hammer.

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