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The Guild of Metalsmiths strives to preserve and pass on the knowledge, art, and skills of working metal including blacksmithing, bladesmithing, machining and foundry work among many other techniques. We share this information and our passion for metalsmithing with the public and maintain this website to further our goal of sharing our knowledge with others.

Our bi-monthly membership meetings draw members and visitors to a variety of metalworking oriented venues related to our craft and art. Meetings are open to members, families, and anyone interested in joining our group. We always kick off these meetings with potluck meals. The meetings are a place to update us on current happenings, to publicize projects and workshops, to express opinions, to share successes, and to socialize with each other.


Education is one of our primary goals. We sponsor a variety of skill and knowledge-building workshops including beginning blacksmith classes, project based blacksmithing classes and a Fall Conference that brings blacksmiths, craftsmen, metalsmiths and artists from around the world to assist the membership in continuing to expand their view on what is possible within the metalsmith crafts.  We are a family oriented organization and all are welcome.



The Guild's classic 1992 workbook on the making of animal heads, IRON MENAGERIE, is again available for purchase!

Details: 44 pages, 15 projects, spiral bound, gloss paper, plastic covers.

Available at Guild events and via USPS.

Cost $20 each+$10 S/H on orders of 1 or 2 copies. Please inquire for shipping costs on orders of 3 or more copies. Expect 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

Contact Peter Bettenberg with questions at: tgomeditor@gmail.com
Or make your check payable to "The Guild of Metalsmiths", write "Iron Menagerie" on the memo line, and mail to:
The Guild of Metalsmiths
P.O. Box 72
Hudson, WI 54016
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Current Issue of THE FORUM

Our Officers, Committees and Board of Directors meet every other month to help keep us on track with our education, our programming, and our task of sharing our knowledge with each other and the public. We invite new members to join us at any time. A good way to learn more direct information about our organization is to contact our President for 2024, Larry Wasmund.

Feel free to browse our member gallery and see some of the work our members have done. You can also find information on becoming a blacksmith, see examples of knives that members have made, beautiful artistic ironwork, excellent foundry work, tools such as forges or anvils and much more.

Our organization is a 501(c) (3). Donations are accepted and are used in our educational mission.

Some Member Work

Randy Purchase

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Susan Wood

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Tom Latane

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We Are The Guild of Metalsmiths


If you are into metal, tools, sculpture, or whatever... that's us.  Come and pound.