METALSMITH is the quarterly publication of The Guild of Metalsmiths.  A subscription comes with membership in the Guild.  The Guild encourages members to submit articles for publication (see guidelines). Guild members have access to decades worth of fully indexed METALSMITH magazine back issues through our digital archives (coming soon). See the Metalsmith Archives for back issues of the magazine. You may contact the editor of the METALSMITH magazine at:

The Guild also publishes a monthly newsletter of timely news articles called The Forum.  See the Forum Archives for current and historical issues.

The Guild offers an email reflector service.  We refer to this email reflector service as "The Bellows". Click here for instructions on how to subscribe. There are currently over 375 Guild members that subscribe to "The Bellows". Members use this service to ask questions of a large metalworking brain trust, get updates on Guild happenings and discuss general metalworking topics.