Hammer Making

Hammer Making 1-day Class

Saturday, May 4, 2024, 8:30 am to 5 pm

Location: MN School of Horseshoeing (see map below)
Instructors: Derrick Phillips, and others

Cost: $75 per student

Class size: Maximum 8, minimum 4

Class Description: This class will teach you the skills you need to make a basic rounding hammer. With this knowledge you will then be able to expand your tool chest with other handled tools. All handled tools such as top fullers, punches and flatters start with this same process.
It is recommended that anyone wishing to take this class have taken at least a few days long beginners class, and have several weeks of forging time. This will help ensure a certain comfort at the forge and with hot metal as this class works with a larger hot piece.  We will begin with a piece of tool steel, punch the eye, shape both striking ends, heat treat and add the handle. You will go home with your own hammer. There will be an assortment of weights to choose from so you can make a hammer to fit your size and needs. This is an intermediate skill level class.

Class Champion:  Derrick Phillips  651-230-2363 at  derrickphillipsa3o3@gmail.com

Tools & Equipment participants should bring to class:  Bring your favorite hammers; one for striking hot metal and one for striking punches and drifts. A tongs for holding 1-1/2" square stock if you have that size.

Safety Equipment: The usual for forging with coal: safety glasses, hearing protection, respirator or dust mask for grinding, clothing of natural fiber with no cuffs or fraying, and leather boots or shoes.

Lunch arrangements: Bring your own lunch or eat at one of the local establishments. We will take an hour break around noon.

Special Instructions:  This class can run late (just a heads up).


To register:  For non-members, Click [HERE] to register.

For Guild members, Click [HERE] to register in Neon under 'Events'.

****Acceptance will be in the order submitted, based on the transaction date, and each person will be notified individually.


Alternatively, you can send a check written to 'The Guild of Metalsmiths' for $75 to
Derrick Phillips
2461 Como Ave
St. Paul MN 55108

Questions? Email Derrick Phillips at derrickphillipsa3o3@gmail.com

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