2024 Pre-Conference 2-Day Class - Latch Hook & Fire Poker

2024 Pre-Conference 2-Day Class - Latch Hook & Fire Poker

Thursday and Friday, September 19 & 20, 2024, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm each day


Location: Pierce County Fairgrounds, 364 North Maple Street, Ellsworth WI 54011 (map below)

Instructor: Mark Asprey (one of our 2024 Fall Conference demonstrators)

Cost: $225 members; $265 non-members

Class size: Max 12

Class Description: This year’s pre-conference class attendees will be working on items from the Level I and Level II national curriculum. They will be making a latch and hook and a fire poker. Mark will be working with students to progress though the Level I and Level II skills required to create each piece. The class will generally follow the Abana National Curriculum as the syllabus. Check out the Abana website under education for more information on the Level I and Level II National Curriculum for Blacksmiths and Instructors – ABANA http://www.abana.org/education/national-curriculm

Class Champion: Rick Wessling at rgwessling@gmail.com

Tools & Equipment participants should bring to class: Anvil and forge, tongs for ¾” x ¼” bar stock, tongs for ¼” round, tongs for ¾” round, cross peen hammer and wire brush. Additional tools may be added to the list later.

Safety Equipment: Ear protection and goggles.

Lunch arrangements: Bring a lunch or dine at one of the local establishments in Ellsworth.


    Online registration opens on July 1.

To register:  For non-members, Click [HERE] to register.

For Guild members, Click [HERE] to register in Neon under 'Events'.

****Acceptance will be in the order submitted, based on the transaction date, and each person will be notified individually.


Alternatively, you can send a check written to 'The Guild of Metalsmiths' to
Rick Wessling
3442 Washington Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55412

Please include your email address so I may notify you of acceptance to the class.

Questions? Email  Rick Wessling at rgwessling@gmail.com