Trivet Class

Trivet 1-day Class

November 18, 2023, 9 am to 5 pm

Location: MN School of Horseshoeing (see map below)

Instructors: Derrick Phillips and David Skaurud

Cost: $55 per student;

Class size: Maximum 8, minimum 4

Class Description: This class is a beginner plus class. Students will hopefully have finished the beginners class, as this class will draw on those skills and add some more. The trivet is an introduction to joinery, forging tenons and using a monkey tool and hot riveting. This class is the making of a basic trivet, many variations can be made from this form. If you think you might be interested in joinery this is a starting project in that direction.

Class Champion: Derrick Phillips, 651-230-2363

Tools & Equipment participants should bring to class: Tongs to hold ½” square stock, and your favorite hammer.

Safety Equipment: the usual for forging with coal: safety glasses, hearing protection, clothing of natural fiber with no cuffs or fraying, and leather boots or shoes.

Lunch arrangements: Eat out or bring your own.


To register:  For non-members, Click [HERE] to register.

For Guild members, Click [HERE] to register in Neon under 'Events'.

****Acceptance will be in the order submitted, based on the transaction date, and each person will be notified individually.