Wire Inlay Class

Wire Inlay CLASS IS FULL April 20,  2024

Date: The class will be held on the following Saturday of April 20, 2024, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Jackson Street Roundhouse / Minnesota Transportation Museum, 193 Pennsylvania Ave E,  St Paul, MN 55113   (see map below)

Class Description:  Students will chase grooves in the metal and then chase the bottoms of the grooves square. The two corners thus created will be chased to form an undercut channel. The upper edges of the channels will be chased and filed to create grooves of even width. Copper wire will be planished into the grooves so that the softer metal forms to fit the undercut and it locked in place. Surfaces will then be filed smooth leaving a pattern to show the differ color of the metals. Copper wire will be provided to practice inlay on flat pieces that can be held firmly in a vise.

Class Size: 8 maximum, 4 minimum

Cost: $65 for NON members, $55 for Guild members

Instructor:  Martin Pansch 612-599-4762 at blacksmithingyeti@gmail.com

Class Champion:  Gordon Barr at agbarr@aol.com

Tools and Equipment or other items participants are to bring to the class:  Students will need a light, soft face hammer for striking tools. This hammer should be light enough that thousands of blows will not be tiring. A cheap Chinese ball peen will likely need no softening. Additional tools include: A mill file, a hack saw, sand paper, sharpening stones (a diamond lap plate works well), paper, pencil, Sharpie ™. Students may consider bringing a supplemental light source or other visual enhancement aids as needed. Bring a stool if you prefer to work sitting.

A basic set of small chisels will be provided for students for use in the class. Those over-achievers who want to make their own prior to class can request detailed descriptions of the needed tools.

Safety Equipment: Safety glasses & ear plugs are mandatory.

Lunch: Either bring a bag lunch with you or money to dine at some of the establishments in the area.


To register:  For non-members,  Click [HERE] to register.

For Guild members,  Click [HERE] to register in Neon under 'Events'.

****Acceptance will be in the order submitted, based on the transaction date, and each person will be notified individually.


Alternatively, you can pay by check - contact Gordon Barr at agbarr@aol.com for information about registering manually.


Questions? Email Gordon at  agbarr@aol.com

Map of Location 193 Pennsylvania Ave E,  St Paul, MN 55113