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2019-Bronze Pour-Day 2 of 3 Days-CANCELLED!

Day 2-Saturday, October 12, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm: Mold Making (continued Sunday if necessary)

Instructors: Hicks, Zadworny, Bettenberg
Class size: 4 to 6

Registration Due 9/22/19jpg image-bronze pour
We’ll be casting silicon bronze into two-part (cope and drag) sand molds from your pattern. For beginners, a flat-backed sculpted clay pattern is recommended (see photo). However, if you have something specific that you’d like to cast, please reach out to Peter Bettenberg to discuss the project before registration.
NOTE: this is a three-Saturday workshop. Please do not register unless you are confident of your ability to attend all three days. With nearly 16 hours of instruction and activity you will certainly gain knowledge and hopefully have fun in this multi-disciplinary event.
Saturday, October 5 we will look at examples and talk about ways of creating a pattern to maximize the chances of getting a successful casting. We will also give an overview of mold making, including sprue and vent systems.
Saturday, October 12 will include ramming sand molds around your finished patterns.
Saturday, October 19 will be the day of the actual pour (weather permitting). First we will prepare the molds for the pour. This is also a chance to physically participate in a bronze pour if you are interested and able.
Also, the grill will be going most of the day – bring your beverage of choice and something to share for an afternoon potluck.
You will need to bring: eye & ear protection, leather gloves, and wear proper clothing for metal work.
To register: Send your check made out to “The Guild of Metalsmiths” and contact information to:
Peter Bettenberg
1630 Demont Ave. East
Maplewood, MN 55109
Contact Peter with questions: bettenberg@hotmail.com or 651-777-5300
Acceptance priority for the class is determined by postmark.

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