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2019 Oxy-Acetylene Welding Class-2 days

Instructors: Myron Hanson, Bob Brown, “Bill the Welder” Krawczeski, and Dick Carlson
Cost: $100 Guild member, $120 nonmember
Maximum students: 10
New to gas welding? Just want to brush up your basic skills? This class focuses on safety and hands-on learning. Students will be working at individual stations on a shared workbench, with equipment and stock provided. If time permits, bonus demonstrations will show advanced techniques and uses of the oxyacetylene torch.
Safety requirements: Students should be prepared for sparks and melted/hot metal: common safety garb (leather footwear and cotton, leather, or wool clothing—no cuffs or frayed edges) plus eye protection with a #5 lens: goggles or glasses will work but a face shield with the #5 lens is highly recommended. If you wear corrective lenses, bring those, too. Cloth cap is optional, gloves are recommended.
Tools and Equipment or other items participants are to bring to the class. all supplied, though students may bring their own torch if they’d like.
Lunch Arrangements: students bring their lunch.
To register, send a check written to “The Guild of Metalsmiths” and mail, along with your contact information, to:
Christina Dodge
17645 Baugh St NW
Ramsey, MN 55303
Questions? Call (612) 741-9292 or email christina.guildmbr@gmail.com
Acceptance priority for this class will be determined by postmark. Each person will be notified individually.

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